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Hi my name is Oliver and I want to help people who are short and I want to get taller I really want to write a lot in this article as I realise the importance of growing for a lot of people. There is a theory that beliefs of tall people are much more different of people that are small. I really think it is really important for people to be self confident of themselves. I was driving once through the night and I realised that I was really short. It was actually a banner that I passed, and it read ‘are you fed up?’. I was like in my mind ‘yes!’, from there I found out what I was upset with myself about and I became really tall. I really want to know how can i get taller The mind is probably the most important organ in the human body. You can be whoever you want to be with the help of your mind and soul. Height is extremely important for a lot of people in the world. It matters to them. It can help you with all sort of tasks, big or small. As long as you do the job properly in my opinion, it does not matter what height you are whatsoever, this link is so good for you. Anyway I have found out that there are loads of cool websites out there that can help you either grow or give the illusion you are actually taller then you are. This would be by changing your appearance, changing certain clothes you wear and even what haircut you have. What I think is important is to choose your own method, without rushing into it. That would not be fair and would cause even distress and pain to the person trying to grow. You can even visualise you getting taller, and you can. It is important though to be self confident in yourself, without caring what height you are. I really want to f
inish this article so I will hurry up as I know this is taking some time, even for me. I think it is also important to chat stuff through with friends and family if you have a worry about your height. Worrying is not good, it can cause loads of stress and even worse can cause harm to your height. Whatever you eat or feel, your body is. If you feel like a strong banana, your body will sort of similar to that without regarding the actual size of the fruit because it is pretty big and curvy! I am going to talk about fruit for a while now. I heard on the bbc news that fruit are really important for you. I never realised that fruit can give you a lot of nutrients you cant get from other things. It was a shocker for me and I really never really get shocked. It is amazing eating fruit, even for me it can cause a tingling sensation on my tongue when I eat it. Anyway I am going to finish off now as I realised I have talked a lot for a while now.


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